Matt?s ice cool about new job

SAWTELL secretary manager Matt Crawley will swap golf clubs for ice cream cones in a few weeks when he embarks on a new business venture.

After eight years at the Sawtell club, Crawley will clear out his office on December 18 and, along with wife Shell, will take over the running of Wendy's ice cream store at Park Beach Plaza.

"My two little girls, aged four and seven, think it's great," he said.

"It will be a baptism of fire though, I think we are open for 65 hours in my first five days.

"But it will be good for cash flow, at least we won't be sitting around wondering where all the customers are.

"I am looking forward to being my own boss."

But Crawley will also miss the Sawtell club.

"When we first moved up here from Melbourne, I thought I would only stay for three years," he said.

"That was eight years ago, I have made a lot of good friends at this club."

But Crawley, who plays off eight, says he will not be lost to the Sawtell club.

"I imagine I will be a bit scarce around the club for the first 12 months, I'd say things will be pretty hectic at work," he said.

"But I'll stay involved with the club and have already pledged some Wendy's sponsorship.

"I'd say my handicap will definitely blow out, but hopefully I can get it back down."

Crawley has seen the club grow and prosper in his eight year, but he is confident it will continue in the right direction.

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