Mountain bike marathon winner, Andrew Wilcher flanked by Jason English, left and Daniel Alcock.
Mountain bike marathon winner, Andrew Wilcher flanked by Jason English, left and Daniel Alcock.

Marathon effort for mountain bike riders at Nana Glen

RIDERS from all parts of Australia and an overseas entrant from the Netherlands were pedalling their skills in the inaugural 100km Coffs Mountain Marathon endurance mountain bike race near Nana Glen.

The event, which took in the Plantation Hotel Coffs Soft 50km endurance race attracted a strong field of almost 200 riders including riders from Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas who took podium positions.

It was a grueling course through the forest at Nana Glen with riders climbing 2700 metres in hilly terrain set among breathtaking scenery.

Adding to the interest in the race was a mountain bike tandem entry from the Gold Coast.

Jim Trail from the ACT and writer for Australian Mountain Bike Magazine drove 1800km for the return trip to take part in the Coffs Marathon.

"It was a tough course but the descents were great and definitely worth all the climbing," he said.

Overall winner of the Coffs Hard Mountain Marathon in a time of 4hrs 22minutes 41 seconds was Andrew Wilcher from Brisbane who just pipped local rider Daniel Alcock from Coffs Harbour.

The Plantation Hotel Coffs Soft Marathon was won by Joshua Bosschieter from Brisbane in a time of 2hours 43minutes 30 seconds.

Organizer Bill Van Haren from Two Wheel Promotions is looking forward to the Coffs Mountain Marathon being an annual event and growing in numbers to approximately 1000 competitors over the next few years.

He said Coffs Harbour is the ideal location and course for this style of event with the added advantage of Coffs Harbour being situated between Sydney and Brisbane with everything here for the riders and their families.

"We have received great feedback from riders who really enjoyed the course," he said.

"These endurance events are growing in popularity each year."


Coffs Hard

18-29 men: John English (Port Macquarie) 1 4:23.78 seconds, Simon Fredrikson (Brisbane) 2, Rodney Harding 3. 30-39 men: Andrew Wilcher (Brisbane) 1 4:22.41 seconds, Daniel Alcock (Coffs Harbour) 2, Straun Lamont (Cairns) 3.

30-3 women: Naomi Hansen (Sunshine Coast) 1 5:23.10, Kim Kelleher (Cairns) 2, Susan Sim (Lismore) 3.

40-49 men: Gordon Gerrard (Tamworth) 1 4:48.25, Steve Purcell (Brisbane) 2, Roger Hawley (Brisbane) 3.

40-49 women: Meg Carrigan (Brisbane) 1 5:20.42, Sharon Heap (Gold Coast) 2, Gillian Duncan (Brisbane) 3.

50 plus men: Hans Dielacher (Brunswick Heads) 1 4:43.42, Peter Holyfield (Sydney) 2, Dave Burns (Copacabana) 3.

NSW Tandem: Mark Skrobin/Kylie Van Haren (Gold Coast) 1 7:25.12.

Plantation Hotel Coffs Soft

18-29 men: Joshua Bosschieter (Brisbane) 1 2:43.30seconds, Ryan McCann 2, Hubert Van Velden (Netherlands) 3.

18-29 women: Tina McCotter (Brisbane) 1 3:15.01, Lauren O'Connor (Armidale) 2, Melissa O'Toole (Coffs Harbour) 3.

30-39 men: Anthony Bamford (Armidale) 1 2:51.47, Jim Dolan (Coffs Harbour) 2, James Earnshaw 3.

30-39 women: Lucy Maguire (Coffs Harbour) 1 3:47.47, Debbie Hard (Brisbane) 2, Louise Meers (Lennox Head) 3.

40-49 men: George Gilchrist (Coffs Harbour) 1 2:45.54, John Rafter (Toowoomba) 2, Jon Allison (Hamilton South) 3.

40-49 women: Amanda Richards (Toowoomba) 1 3:22.16, Lisa Garaty (Coral Point) 2, Pam Cumberland (Mudgee) 3.

50 plus men: Lance McDonald (Coffs Harbour) 1 3:47.42sec, Warren Prior (Brisbane) 2, John Oblak (Mitcham Vic) 3.

50 plus women: Lesley Robinson (Brisbane) 1 4:16.01.

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