Making a name for himself


AFTER a sensational win in the Shannon's Insurance State Rallysprint a week ago, Coffs Harbour rally driver Nathan Quinn has stamped his name on the sport again by taking out the Myall Stages Rally at the weekend.

Winning by more than two minutes, Quinn left former state champions and former Australian privateer champions in the wake of his Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5.

This victory along the dirt roads near Buladelah was a massive step for the 21 year-old as it again took him outside of his comfort zone.

The team specifically entered into the Myall event because Quinn had expressed some concern that the roads used in the Australian Rally Championship (ARC) were very fast and he wasn't used to them.

"I got a bit freaked out in Forster at the ARC," the young star said.

"I sort of struggled with the high speed required over blind crests and corners. The roads are very fast and completely different to Coffs or anywhere else I've been.

"This time though with more experience on the pace notes I felt really comfortable but I might say next time I'm going to put a cover over the speedo. Many times when I had a chance to check the dials I was off the speedo doing over 200kph!"

Making the win even more meritorious were the wet conditions that Quinn tackled for the first time.

The heavens opened up the night before the event with torrential rain on the stages making the roads extremely slippery.

Quinn's co-driver Wayne Parker is an old hand at rally driving and he couldn't help but be impressed with how the still relatively inexperienced driver handled the curve ball that was thrown his way.

"This was the first time that Nathan had to drive the EVO in the mud, and he was nervous but since he started, his dad has always thrown something at him to keep him off guard. Nathan caught this spinner and threw it right back," Parker said.

"I've been with some pretty fast people in my career including his old man, but Nathan has what it takes.

"Nothing fazes him, and this was one of the best drives I've ever seen."

Not only was the final margin ultra impressive but so was the fact that Quinn won all eight stages in the rally after winning each of the 12 stages in Coffs Harbour the week before.

With a winning streak of two events and 20 stages, this young driver might just be starting to realise the potential that so many have said he possesses.

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