Mad Monday for 2004 Group 2 league premiers


WHILE most of us trudged off to work yesterday morning for the start of another week, 2004 VB Group 2 Rugby League champions Macksville were just about to tap another keg. Mad Monday was in full swing for the victorious Sea Eagles, although for most of them Monday was just a continuation of Sunday night's party. Most of the lads had been at it all night... and that was just the beginning. Macksville captain-coach Paul Davis reckons the Eagles' nest will be rocking until at least the end of the week. "A lot of them haven't stopped yet, they probably won't stop until Friday or Saturday," Davis said with a grin. "We have just watched a tape of the grand final, but only the second half. "We fast-forwarded through the first half." The Sea Eagles were promised four kegs if they won their third straight premiership, but Davis was expecting that and a bit more. "I think we will end up with about six," he laughed. The game itself was hard to describe to those who weren't there, although veteran five-eighth Gary Jarrett gave it a shot in between stints on the guitar and clapping empty bottles together to keep beat with the music. "Port Macquarie were sharks in the first half and wobbegongs in the second."