Love?all at Jetty courts


DO we want townhouses instead of tennis courts?

Porticos in place of parks?

Those are the questions Nan Cowling wants answered.

The president of the Englands Park Tennis Club is campaigning against proposals in the Harbourside Concept Plan to sell the club's home, Englands Park, to provide space for up to 450 townhouses.

Mrs Cowling says the land is severely flood-prone and rezoning could not be justified; the courts are used by more than 1500 registered players and the city needs more, not less, green space.

She said the non-profit tennis club had contributed more than $500,000 in voluntary labour and was run purely for the community.

Mrs Cowling said the proposed sell-off was a short-term solution to the long-term problem of sand build-up in the harbour and council promises could not be trusted.

She said council had bulldozed the earlier Jetty Tennis Club courts in the early 1970s and failed to replace them for 10 years, leading to that club folding and a new one having to be started from scratch.

"Just within the last 10 years the tennis clubhouse has had over 45cm of water through its premises and the amenities block has had had raw sewage bubbling out of the urinals and toilet bowls," Mrs Cowling said.

"This would go down very well with the owners of these proposed townhouses.

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