Sawtell five-eighth Adam Loudon.
Sawtell five-eighth Adam Loudon.

Look out for Sharks


FOR Sawtell five-eighth Adam Loudon, playing football alongside his younger brother Mick is a much nicer change from the countless backyard matches that were played between the pair and their older brother. "It was always the oldest and the youngest versus the middle," Adam said. "That meant that I was always on my own team." Tomorrow, instead of playing against each other, the Panthers' halves pairing will be combining their forces at Rex Hardaker Oval as they try to lead their team to victory against Port Macquarie in Group 2's crucial top-of-the-table clash. "This will make us equal first if we win, or we drop down to being two points off dropping out of the five if we lose," the older brother said. "All games from here are must-wins really." At times this year it's appeared that the brotherly connection between the two is almost psychic as they seem to never talk on the field. Older brother Adam agrees to an extent, even though there are times when words are exchanged. "Sometimes we have to, but most of the time we know from training what we're doing and what's happening," "You just call the play early and we know what's going on, there is the odd time that we have to have a yarn." When conversations are had, Adam admits with a wry grin that he enjoys talking to the current halfback more than when Kris Watson was filling the role last season. "It's a little bit easier because I can tell him what to do," he said. "It was the other way around with Kris, he ran the show." Playing at half-back, the 22 year-old Mick is two years his brother's junior and moved to the area at the start of this year from Group 20 club West Wyalong where all three brothers played after growing up in the small farming community of Tallimba. He admits that under the tutelage of Craig Wallace on a Tuesday and Thursday night he's the fittest that he's ever been. The hard work is paying off but both are quick to point out that the true success of the team this year has stemmed from Friday nights. "There's this mug you get that one person gets a week, 'Melon's Mug' and you get free beer on a Friday night," Mick explained. "So one of the boys gets it and we all have to go down and have a beer with him at the Sawty pub. "It only just started a few weeks ago and 'Boxhead' (Neal McCarthy) has got it this week, so we all have to go down and have a beer with him. "It's not a bad idea, it gets everyone bonding together and it usually ends up with a maxi taxi into town and then another one home." If this is true, Port Macquarie are in for a hard time tomorrow. Instead of facing only two brothers, they could well find that they're actually taking on 13 of them.

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