Locals call for Orara Way speed limit

A FATAL accident on Monday night which claimed the life of a 53-year-old Nana Glen Rail woman has led to renewed calls for an 80km/h speed limit on the Orara Way between Coramba and Glenreagh, or speed cameras at the worst sites.

The call is coming from some of the Heartstart volunteers who were the first emergency crews on the scene at Monday's fatal three-car accident on the Orara Way.

Called in by neighbours who witnessed the accident, the volunteers from Coramba, Nana Glen and Glenreagh Heartstart administered oxygen and gave comfort to trapped drivers and passengers until the ambulance, SES and police arrived.

One 23-year-old man remains in Coffs Harbour Health Campus in a satisfactory condition following Monday's accident.

Two other patients, a 12-year-old girl and a 28-year-old man have been discharged.

Pointing to the cutting where the accident blocked the road for three hours on Monday night, one of the volunteers who attended the accident said the site was one of two driver-deceiving black spots between Coramba and Nana Glen where fatal head-on accidents had occurred earlier.

She said at both sites drivers, especially those unfamiliar with the road, became over-confident and thought it was safe to overtake when it was actually extremely dangerous and the danger was exacerbated by wet weather.

But she admitted that Orara Valley drivers were divided on the question of a speed limit, with some bitterly opposed.

Nana Glen resident Ruth Pobjoy, who drives this stretch of road regularly, said there were only two places that were actually safe to overtake, but a number of spots that tricked drivers into believing they could overtake.

Glenreagh and Nana Glen Heartstart volunteers are joining forces on June 18 to hold a fundraising night for the two groups, with a charity showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at Birch, Carroll and Coyle cinemas at 6.15pm.

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