Lights, camera, action!


FILMING for an on-line coaching centre yesterday for the third year in a row at Pacific Bay Resort, Australian Rugby Union Special Projects Manager John Searle says that Coffs Harbour was the obvious choice when looking for an ideal location to shoot the training films.

"The reason we film here is because if it looks good, then people believe that it is good," Searle said matter of factly.

"Where a lot of the others go wrong is that they have a belief that their content is very good but it isn't presented well enough.

"Filming here in Coffs Harbour gives our on-line coaching sessions a professional look."

Now into it's third year, the ARU's on-line coaching centre provides coaches of all levels of rugby with tips on training drills that can be run for various skills used within the game.

On Monday and Tuesday the National Talent squad was in town being filmed to provide resources for coaches of older age groups while yesterday it was the turn of 17 students from St Augustine's to provide footage which can be used for coaches of junior rugby union players.

"The overall aim of the program is to improve the level of coaching at the junior level," Searle added.

"We believe that it's important to teach the kids good habits and as those players move onto higher age groups those good habits will continue."

While the St Augustine's students threw themselves into yesterday's sessions with plenty of gusto despite the humid conditions, Searle was keeping an eye on proceedings with NSW Rugby's community co-ordinator for the Northern region, Murray Archibald.

Each year the ARU have used St Augustine's students to make sure that each filming session looks the same to offer continuity and it appears that the local boys skills are now being seen right across the globe.

"Since we've had the coaching centre up and running, we've had some tremendous feedback on it's benefits from people in countries as far away as Scotland and Ireland who have been using it," the ARU man said.

"When you receive that sort of feedback, it's important that we continue to provide extra content to improve on the resource."

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