Lance asks drivers for their patience


LANCE Mahy has the most personal of reasons for wanting motorists to slow down.

The traffic controller had his spine permanently damaged and his life 'mucked up' two years ago when he was a passenger in a truck hit by another vehicle that ignored a stop sign.

But since taking up his new job with the stop bat, he has been astonished at the risky and aggressive behaviour he sees from drivers every day, on all kinds of roads.

He said he sees local traffic doing 80km/h through a 40km/h zone and he has seen cars detour around a traffic controller showing a 'stop' sign just so they can latch on to the tail of a line of cars allowed through a road worksite.

He has seen other traffic controllers abused by drivers, has copped abuse himself and he has even seen a truck driver delayed at a work site climb down out of his cab and 'deck' a traffic controller.

Mr Mahy is wondering how motorists, who keep asking for better roads, expect to have them improved if they can't wait a few minutes to let construction crews get on with the job, even if that means they miss getting to the bank.

So this month, if you are travelling on Upper Orara Road near where Coffs Harbour City Council's new water treatment plant is being built at Karangi and the road is being widened and improved to cater for it, watch out for Lance or his fellow traffic controllers and SLOW DOWN.

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