Lack of depth costs Aussies


AUSTRALIA showed a lack of depth at Davis Cup level on the weekend with Argentina winning the quarter-final four rubbers to one.

Things were looking good at the end of the first day with Lleyton Hewitt defeating Coria and Arthurs going down to Nalbandian.

This was expected and the Australian pair of Hewitt and Arthurs expected to have an advantage over Nalbandian and Roland Garros finalist Mariano Puerta.

However, the Argentines flogged the Aussies 7-6, 6-4, 6-3 to take what proved to be the decisive win.

The doubles are always crucial in Davis Cup and it may have been a bit much to ask Hewitt and Arthurs to play in both the singles rubbers and the doubles.

However, the Australian team would have been expecting matches on grass to not be as tiring with points usually shorter on that surface and they also would not have expected the Argentinean team to play so well on grass.

Being so close to Wimbledon, Argentina were in their best grass court form of the whole year and played fantastically.

Argentina probably had enough players to make two good teams while Australia struggled to make one.

With depth like that and the ability to win on their worst surface, Argentina stand a good chance of winning the Davis Cup this year.

For Australia, the positive we can take from it was that Peter Luczac put up a strong fight against Coria and has the potential to be strong player for Australia.

Bias in Tennis Association

AS expected the new rules brought in by the Coffs Harbour Tennis Association have only affected the Coffs Harbour Tennis Club.

The rules stated that seeded players could not play in division two which is fair enough and the players that have been seeded, deserve to be.

What is hard to explain is why introduce part b of that rule which states that no club can have more than two seeded players in the one team.

Not including members of clubs who never play in the mixed comp, the Coffs Harbour Tennis Club is the only club with three seeded players in the mixed comp, Jenny Dimond, Amanda Jones and Danny Sousa.

This means that only the Coffs Harbour Tennis Club was restricted in not being able to put in their three3 seeded players in the one team.

All other clubs were free to enter anyone in any division one team that they wanted as no other club has three seeded players (that are playing).

To introduce a rule that you know is going to only affect one team is hard to explain as anything but extreme bias.

While it is flattering to have our club effectively ranked number one, I cant see why we should call it division one if any club is restricted in who they can field.

It is lucky we have two division one teams or we could not field all of our players at all and the competition would be weaker.

Automated vehicle trial to be announced for Coffs Harbour

Automated vehicle trial to be announced for Coffs Harbour

Automated shuttle buses to be trialled on local streets this year.

Newest and longest crossing on highway upgrade almost ready

Newest and longest crossing on highway upgrade almost ready

New crossing to improve safety and efficiency on the Pacific Highway

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