Keiarra dedicated to BMX success

PRACTICE and dedication could literally be paying off for Sawtell teenager Keiarra Seccombe. Most afternoons Keiarra can be found at the Sawtell BMX track honing her skills. While Keiarra insists even the practise is fun, her dedication is reaping rewards and could result in a cash windfall. Keiarra has just stepped up to the A Pro open class, where riders race for money. She made a successful debut in the pro ranks, greeting the judges first at the recent Seaside classic at Sawtell. She will be hoping the good form continues at the NSW State titles, held between October 1-3. Sawtell BMX club publicity officer Joanne Rice believes the sky is the limit for Keiarra. "The club feels she definitely has a lot of ability," Joanne said. "It is really up to Keiarra how far she wants to take it. "At the Seaside Open she left a few experienced competitors shaking and scratching their heads. "Not many girls can jump like Keiarra can." Joanne credits a lot of Keiarra's success to the time she spends practicing. "Keiarra told me the other day that her teacher said she needed to exercise more," Joanne said. "If only the teacher knew what she does every afternoon, she is always practising." Keiarra admits she wasn't too taken by the sport initially, but it soon grew on her. "The first time I watched it I didn't like it too much, but the more I saw the more I wanted to try it," she said. "When I first started racing I didn't think I would be doing it that long." With a shortage of girls her own age to ride against, Keiarra took on the boys. "It was scary at first," she admitted. "They race a lot more aggresive."