Thanks mate ... Peter Dubois and Justin Brown
Thanks mate ... Peter Dubois and Justin Brown

Justin thanks the man who saved his life


PETER Dubois and Justin Brown have shed a few tears together these past few days.

Their emotions have been spilling over since Peter saved Justin's life on Tuesday morning.

Peter, a smash repairer, heard the motorist had a minor prang at the Big Banana and that he then drove away.

Peter lost sight of him but when he saw him again, followed him north on the Pacific Highway and contacted police.

The next thing, he saw Justin's Commodore off the road slammed up against an embankment outside the Opal Centre, and discovered he was still in the vehicle.

"He was still revving it right up, trying to keep going," Peter said.

"I got out and took the keys off him. The next thing, it caught on fire.

"I opened his door and as I was trying to get him out and get his seatbelt off, he started hitting me. I dragged him out and up the road. The car was alight.

"I was told later that if I hadn't pulled him out, he could have died."

The blaze swiftly consumed the vehicle.

Justin had been in the throes of a hyperglycaemic attack.

He's been a diabetic for almost 31 years and is insulin dependent, relying on two daily injections.

He has little recollection of what happened, but he now knows he was driving his car at HomeBase where he had a minor collision, followed by another dingle further north at the Big Banana, before winding up against the embankment.

"I live off Combine Street. I shouldn't have been driving north, I should have been headed south," Justin said.

Since his release from hospital, he's called in a couple of times to see Peter.

"I wanted to thank the guy who saved my life. If Peter wasn't there, I wouldn't be here today," he said.

"I owe my life to him."

Justin says he won't be driving again until his insulin levels are sorted out.

"I'm not really well at the moment, but at least I'm breathing," he said.

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