June long weekend intermission


Captain-Coach: Blair Sankey.

GOOD: The locals who've returned to get the club going again.

The way the boys have come together from far afield.

Playing at home seems to be a strength for our team.

The blooding of juniors such as Josh Young, Shaun Fenson and Jayden Kirk.

BAD: Our week to week performances needs improvement.

Seem to be letting a few tries in.

Our run with injuries.

BEST MAGPIES: Willie Kouvai, Livai Wara and Mark Davinson.

BEST PLAYERS IN GROUP 2: Ben McCarthy or Cameron Lewis.

COACH'S RATING: 6.5 out of 10.


In the short term it's to take it one game at a time.

Long term is to concentrate on winning our five remaining home games.

COFFS HARBOUR (Coach: Scott Mieni).

GOOD: Just the positive attitude of everyone at the club, especially after the dramas of the start of the year.

BAD: Inconsistency - we've had a pattern of good game, bad game.

Obviously a couple of major injuries.

BEST COMETS: Josh McShanag, Joel Thompson and Bert Gray.


John Cross and Ben McCarthy.


6.5 out of 10.


Obviously we're aiming to make the five.

We need to not worry so much about the top teams, although Orara and Sawtell are the teams to beat.

Must start the second half of the season well.

GIMBISI VALLEY (Captain-Coach: Willie Lockwood).

GOOD: The players have got some confidence in themselves after they weren't given a chance by other people.

Our discipline and our attitude.

BAD: Could've won more matches, we had some errors at important times in games.

BEST WARRIOR: Dave Scholes.


COACH'S RATING: 6 out of 10.

2nd HALF EXPECTATIONS: Just to keep going the way we are.

Just need our forwards to keep going forwards to let our backs do their magic.

MACKSVILLE (Captain-Coach: Paul Davis.)

GOOD: Staying in touch with the five.

Our defence has picked up in the last month.

Getting our players back on the paddock has helped.

BAD: Our inconsistency We've beaten sides above us, but then fallen to teams below us on the table.

The slow starts have been a concern.

The number of injuries tah twe've had have been a concern.

BEST SEA EAGLES: Chris Morecombe, David Pickvance and Chris Piper.


Willie Lockwood and Ben McCarthy.

COACH'S RATING: 5 out of 10.


The first thing we need is to get all our players on deck, week in and week out.

Need to concentrate on making starts in our games.

Maintain our defence that we've had over the last month.


Captain-Coach: Wayne Bartrim.

GOOD: The blokes just hanging in there still is a positive.

At least they're still coming to training.

Young centre Nathan Stuart is the pick of the young crop.

BAD: The good young players that we were banking on from last year moving away from town.

The club needs to be more professional. It's hard work without a manager and a trainer.

BEST MUSTANGS: Adam McMurray, David Kyle and Nathan Stuart.

BEST PLAYER IN GROUP 2: Chris Morecombe

COACH'S RATING: 5 out of 10.

2nd HALF EXPECTATIONS: Just to get our first win up.

We just need to finish the best that we can.

We need to improve on our ball control and one on one tackles. We're our own worst enemy with those.


Coach: Mark Morrison.

GOOD: Fact that number of different players at times have demonstrated the skills we've been working on for last couple of years.

The players are starting to understand the football game rather than just playing hard.

The Under 18's standing up. I'm not just coach of first grade but really the whole club and their achievements at school and divisiional levels, as well as in first grade are just awesome.

BAD: The close losses. We're on seven points at the moment but if we had of beaten Macksville, Coffs and Woolggolga we'd be second on the table right now.

BEST ROOSTERS: Matt Cartwright and Warwick Jones. We will miss Geoff Batten.

BEST PLAYERS IN GROUP 2: John Cross, Scott Moody, David Pickvance and Joel Asher.

As a team, Sawtell's defence and fitness are great.

COACH'S RATING: 6.5 out of 10.

2nd HALF EXPECTATIONS: Getting blokes back on the paddock and get them to believe that they can do it.

We could probably put away two lots of three wins in a row.

ORARA VALLEY (Captain-Coach: Brad Hart).

GOOD: The start that we've had has been great.

The high we felt after beating Port was a real highlight.

The versatitlity of the players during our injury run.

BAD: We've had our hiccups with our discipline and complacency during a couple of games.

BEST AXEMEN: Everyone's put their hand up but Ben McCarthy's been great.

BEST PLAYERS IN GROUP 2: Dennis Gordon and Mick Jeffries.

COACH'S RATING: 7.5 out of 10.

2nd HALF EXPECTATIONS: Get our fitness up. Training is going to be hard for a few weeks after a rest this week.

Just to get out there and put our heads down and do the same things we did in the first round.

Look to play with a bit more structure.


Coach: Tony Pascoe.


Being a new bloke to the club you're always thankful that you get a good mob of blokes and they're slowly starting to come together.

Our defence has picked up. We've been playing a lot tougher recently and we just need to work on our comunication.

BAD: Disappointed with amount of ball we've given away.

BEST SHARK: Joel Asher.

BEST PLAYER IN GROUP 2: Dennis Gordon.

COACH'S RATING: 7 out of 10.

2nd HALF EXPECTATIONS: It doesn't look good when we've lost four out of our last five, but a lot of positives have come from the last couple of games.

Just some little points stood out that need to be fixed.

Do that and we'll be pretty hard to beat in the second round.

SAWTELL (Captain-Coach: Craig Wallace).

GOOD: The young blokes that have come in and the way they've stepped up playing good football, especially in the big games.

The effort the guys have been putting in despite the injury toll.

Our defence in all three grades.

The fact we're still in second spot.

BAD: The terrible injury toll we've had in the first half of the season. The only game we had at full strength was thefirst game of the season against Gimbisi.

BEST PANTHERS: Scott Moody or Dennis Gordon.


Matt Donovan or Ben McCarthy.

COACH'S RATING: 8 out of 10.


Firstly to get myself back on the padock.

Being able to field a full team would be nice.

The goal is to finish in the top five but we'd dearly like to finish where we are at the moment.

WOOLGOOLGA (Captain-coach: John Cross).

GOOD: Stoked that the players are so coachable.

Win against Sawtell at home. Needed to beat a good side to make everyone take notice of us.

BAD: Performance against Orara early in the season. We were probably a bit overawed that day.

A flat performance when drew 18-all with Nambucca Heads.

BEST SEAHORSE: Arthur Murray.

BEST PLAYERS IN GROUP 2: David Pickvance. Lot of respect for Matt Donovan though.

COACH'S RATING: 7 out of 10.

2nd HALF EXPECTATIONS: At the start of the season we just wanted to be competitive.

Be disappointed not to make semi's from where we are.

The goal will be to finish somewhere in the five.

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