Jumping for joy

ONE local girl is jumping for joy again after a show of Coffs Harbour generosity. On Wednesday afternoon eight-year-old Brittany Lee returned home from school to find her beloved trampoline missing from her front yard.

She was devastated that the trampoline, which was her first Christmas present from Santa, was gone.

Then more bad news greeted the Narranga Public School student with the discovery that her trampoline had been traded for scrap metal by the callous thieves who had taken it from their front yard.

After reporting the story on Friday, the Advocate leapt into action and decided we would try and help Brittany, and we put in a call to our good friends at Clark Rubber.

Local businessman Brett Goodfellow was keen to jump on board, and once again put the bounce back in Brittany's step by donating a brand new Clark Rubber trampoline to the family.

"Hearing of a little girl's trampoline being stolen made me think, what ratbags," said Brett.

"There are things that have to be left outside that you can't bolt down. I just wanted to fight back and keep a little girl jumping on a trampoline."

When the Advocate rang Brittany's mother, Sam Howson, with the news she was stunned.

"I was literally jumping up and down when I found out," she said.

And Brittany was full of beans, too.

"I was really excited. I was sitting on the couch thinking 'no way'. I didn't know that people were that kind," she said.

Thanks to Brett and the boys at Clark Rubber, one little girl will soon be spending her time jumping for joy again.

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