Jared?s making waves

Jared Neal now at number six on the Australian longboard rankings.
Jared Neal now at number six on the Australian longboard rankings.


FOR the last eighteen months, Sapphire longboarder Jared Neal has been racking up some incredibly impressive results while receiving very little fanfare.

Neal has been the ultimate quite achiever, consistently knocking off many of the high profile national and international longboard pros.

The fact that he's done all this without the support and sponsorship dollars that most of his competitors enjoy makes his story even more meritorious.

He now sits at number six on the Australian longboard rankings.

Jared's powerful, committed approach is finally earning him some well due respect among his peers and followers of the sport.

Over the long weekend, the natural-footer further illustrated the point when he won both the opens and Bic Challenge held at Evans Head.

Against some tough opposition Neal was too good for the likes of Jackson Close, Jesse Jerrums, Trent Dickey and Ruben Roxburgh.

Throughout the weekend he displayed his ability to combine both traditional and progressive surfing on his Tolhurst longboard which included his well known backhand off-the-lip snaps and roundhouse cutbacks.

This also earned him the award for the best figure eight cutbacks of the contest.

The Sapphire surfer is now setting himself to travel to the south coast of Western Australia this week to compete in the 2006 Australian Longboard titles at Yallingup Beach.

These titles get under way on Monday and Neal is hoping to again reach the finals just as he did last year.

Who knows? Maybe even a win!