It?s time for change

YOU have sleepless nights when you deliver as many boots to the groin of Group 2 as I have over the past month.

Let's face it, I'm a Group 2 groupie and will take local football any day over what's offered by the NRL.

So, the time has come to temper my writings, if only for the sake of not taking the shine off what is building as a classic semi-final series.

The time has come to back off so don't expect more bile in the foreseeable future, unless of course, we get some further atrocity that is impossible to ignore.

What surprises most is the lack of flack received from the public for what's been written in this column.

And especially, from many in the heirarchy of Group 2, who've obviously felt frustration for years and have had their ability to speak out curbed by those abominable rules of 'bringing the game into disrepute.'

Believe it or not, people you would least expect have been phoning, writing and texting me with encouragement to keep delivering the hand grenades.

In the last fortnight, in particular, I've been bombarded with ideas, suggestions and plans for the future.

It would seem there's renewed enthusiasm and determination among the faithful to not only get the Group back on track, but to get it moving forward.

A word of caution.

Don't let your enthusiasm wane the moment the feeling of relief wafts over you, once this landmark season ends.

Especially, don't think anything will change if ideas are left for discussion and voting at the AGM.

The planning and deals have to be done well in advance.

The numbers have to be crunched and the people you want to take us forward have to be in place long before the big vote is taken.

After 20 years of endless bleating on my part for improvements to be made, at last I smell the winds of change in the air.

Please don't let me and yourselves, down.

With one round remaining the semis are just around the corner.

So, it's on with the best show in town.

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