Beginner referee Brooke Delaney in her ?I?m wearing green, so please don?t see red? learner-referee shirt during last week?s Pr
Beginner referee Brooke Delaney in her ?I?m wearing green, so please don?t see red? learner-referee shirt during last week?s Pr

It?s open season on ?Zebras

By Judy Smith

COFFS Harbour Basketball has begun its 2007 'zebra breeding program' with two clinics for new referees conducted over the last few weeks.

We now have a total of 16 'baby zebras' who, over the next few weeks, will tentatively take their first steps into the big, bad, world of basketball refereeing. They will be easy to identify, instead of the striped zebra shirts of the qualified referees they will be wearing fluro green shirts to let everyone know they are just that, very 'green' and still learning. We ask that coaches, parents and supporters help us to train new officials by encouraging them and accepting their decisions 'mistakes and all'.

The CHBA slogan 'I'm wearing green so please don't see red' is a good slogan for the co-operation we seek from players, coaches and supporters. At the end of the day, without referees we could not run our competitions so let's help them gain the confidence they need to do the job we expect.

Coffs Harbour Basketball has a commitment to excellence in its referees program. We are fortunate to have the services of some excellent referee educators and trainers with a proven track record of success. In addition, on our Saturday and Friday competitions, which are our main nurseries for new zebras, we have a referee supervisor who is in charge of ensuring that new officials quickly get to the level where they can handle a game without a 'buddy' looking over their shoulders.

Coaches should understand that if they ever have a concern about the officiating on their game they should take their concerns to the referee supervisor or the competition supervisor, both of whom will be found roving the courts in their distinctive CHBA shirts.

The next opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a Zebra will occur during the April school vacation. Details will soon be posted to the CHBA website and on notice boards around the stadium and through this column as the date approaches.

Experience over recent years has shown us that waiting until our budding referees have reached high school to start officiating is the most successful pathway, so the April clinics will have a minimum limit of Year 7 in high school. Please feel welcome to contact Sandra Mottram through the CHBA office if you have any referee questions.

And to ensure that all referees know when they are refereeing, as from this week the referees' rosters will be posted to the Coffs Harbour Basketball website. The rosters will go up each Wednesday, and if referees are unavailable to meet their rostered duties, they must telephone Sandra Mottram as soon as possible so that a replacement referee can be found.

n Registration Updates

THANKS to all those players who have updated their registrations over the past few weeks, particularly in the Saturday and high school competitions. Unfortunately there are a large number of senior players who have resisted the need to pay their fees, so please ensure that this is done prior to taking the courts this week.

With the change to just two registration dates each year, it is now very easy for players to remember when they are due, either February 28 or June 30.

To help members further, a list of players' names is placed on the notice board in the backcourts, as well as asterisks on the scoresheet. So please do not plead ignorance this week when questioned about your registration status.

And just a final reminder that teams lose three competition points each time they allow an unregistered player to take the court ? so for the sake of your own safety and your team's chances of making the semi finals, please get your registrations up to date this week.

n Committee of Management Vacancy

A VACANCY exists on the CHBA Committee of Management for a Director of Competitions.

The role involves overseeing the domestic competitions in CHBA senior and junior competitions. People who are interested in filling the vacancy, or who would like more information about the role, should contact Judy Smith via email on for a copy of the job description.

n Holiday Camp Planning Under Way

DEVELOPMENT Officer Darren Thomas is currently finalising plans for a range of camps to be conducted over the Easter holiday period. Separate clinics will be held for beginner players and elite players, but all will involve skill development, fun and games. Please check the website regularly for the registration forms for our first-ever holiday camp program.

n Privacy and Photographs

COFFS Harbour Basketball has appointed Paul Murat as our official photographer, and he is often seen around the courts happily snapping photos from both domestic and representative games.

If there are players, coaches or referees do not wish to have their photographs taken, and perhaps posted to the website or printed in the Coffs Coast Advocate, you are asked to register this request with the Association Administrator, Naomi Markham. She is available in the Basketball office Monday to Thursday from 3pm to 7pm. Phone requests to be placed on this register will not be accepted, so please pop in and see Naomi as soon as possible.


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