Classic entrants, L-R., K Buckley, B Wallis, N Jeff, B Leper, J Layton, A Rutter & L Custer. Inset: G Yerrell & J Hein.
Classic entrants, L-R., K Buckley, B Wallis, N Jeff, B Leper, J Layton, A Rutter & L Custer. Inset: G Yerrell & J Hein.

Intrepid adventurers

NINE intrepid adventurers from the Bonville Creek Kayak Club will take on the gruelling Hawkesbury Canoe Classic on Saturday.

The event covers 111km, from Windsor to Brooklyn, commencing at 4pm and proceeding through the night with the fastest paddlers finishing in 10 hours although the average time is 15 hours.

This event was first contested in 1977 as a charity fund raising challenge.

Now into its 28th year, more than $1.7 million has been raised for charity.

This year the major beneficiary from 600 contestants in 400 can-oes and kayaks, will be the Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation.

Local paddlers have been making the pilgrimage south for this annual event for almost 20 years.

This year the group includes experience campaigners and raw beginners.

At the experienced end of the scale are Norm Jeff and Brian Leiper, paddling in the super veterans touring K2 class, which they won last year.

Norm has successfully completed 17 classics, while his crew, Brian is not far behind with 12.

Bob Wallis, Les Custer, Allen Rutter and Ken Buckley will be paddling in single sea-kayaks in the super veterans long recreational class.

Bob is aiming to complete the marathon for the 15th time.

Allen Rutter completed his first classic last year partnered by his son Matthew, 17, in a touring K2.

This year is Matt-hew's final school year so Allen has to go solo.

Les Custer and Ken Buckley, although in the super veterans class will be taking the challenge for the first time.

Ken's success back in 1981 is so long ago it has faded from his memory.

The senior member of the team is Jim Layton also in a seakayak.

Geoff Yerrell and partner Jenny Hein will contest the veterans class in a double seakayak.

Geoff is a super veteran with several successes in the classic, but must compete in the younger age category due to Jenny's youthfulness.

To keep all these paddlers going there will be land support from another 15 club members and supporters.

Preparing for this grueling event, most paddlers started as early as last May contesting the Northern Zone series of six 20km mar-athons, but over the last 10 weeks the training has steadily built up.

It is not unusual for 80-100km of training to be logged per week.

That equates to 10 to 12 hours on the water which after work doesn't leave a lot of time for a social life.

Rain plays havoc with traffic

Rain plays havoc with traffic

Wet roads has again caught drivers out on the Coffs Coast.

Last shout-out to Coffs kids

Last shout-out to Coffs kids

Entries for Saturday's bcu Coffs Kids TRI close on Tuesday.

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Army Thunder dig deep for charity match win

Thunder forced into finding something special in charity match.

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