Human needs given

RITA Leaman says the simplicity of the Human Givens approach to therapy has seen it spreading through homes, schools and even prisons throughout the United Kingdom. Mrs Leaman, the principal of the UK's non-profit Human Given organisation, flew into Coffs Harbour on Friday to head a weekend seminar on Human Givens, focusing on depression and addictions. She said the beauty of the approach was that it worked with anyone of any age, colour or race and did not involve traumatic recalling of childhood woes or past events. This approach embraces what it means to thrive in your environment, so it can even work in prisons. Human Givens looks at what it means to be a human being. If the person is not thriving, you find out what's missing ? what emotional needs are not being met. Susan Hanisch, an English occupational therapist who lost a leg to an IRA terrorist bomb in London in 1991, found new hope in the Human Givens program after years of depression after her accident and the traumatic compensation process which followed. In Coffs Harbour to speak along side Rita Leaman and others, Ms Hanisch said everyone was born with certain templates in place and the same needs, the human 'givens' and it was up to everyone to complete their own pattern. When these human needs were not being met, or were being met in an unhealthy way, problems resulted, for example if the need for attention intimacy is being 'met' through an abusive relationship where one partner hurt and abused the other. Seminar organiser Peter Hallam of Sanctuary, said they had been very disappointed at the small number at the seminar, but hoped others would take advantage of their visit this week. Rita Leaman and Susan Hanisch are at Boambee Bay Resort until Thursday and are available for individual counselling. Human Givens is a non-profit organisation and costs are set only to cover expenses. Peter Hallam can be contacted on 6651 4023.

Burglar wakes Summit couple

COUPLE woken in early hours when they saw a man leave their bedroom.

Car destroyed after it was left on roadside engulfed in fire

CAR FIRE: Firefighters from Sawtell were called to a burning Ford Falcon left on the side of Hulberts Rd, Sawtell on Sunday, February 18, 2018.

WATCH: Firefighters tackle car blaze late last night

Rubbish truck's load catches alight

A J.R. Richards and Sons rubbish truck container caught alight on the Pacific Highway.

Fire in skip bin causes traffic hold ups

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