How to make Friday the 13th a lucky day


DO you have paraskavedekatriaphobia?

It's a big word for the fear of Friday the 13th ? Black Friday ? and a sign that this age-old superstition is still observed in the modern world, even if it is taken with a pinch of salt (thrown over the shoulder, perhaps) by many.

Worries about black cats and ladders certainly won't have Margaret Stephenson of Krystal Kolours hiding under the doona today.

"I love Friday the 13th," she said.

"My son was born on Friday the 13th ? he falls on his feet all the time because he thinks he will."

Maybe being born on Black Friday has given him feline qualities!

But for those who would like to ensure they avoid bad luck today, Margaret has some protective amulets you might like to try.

"You can hang (crystal) black tourmaline around your neck or put it in your pocket ? it will prevent you from being attacked by bad energy," she said.

Another idea is to shut your eyes and imagine yourself inside a disco ball so that any negativity is reflected back in a different direction.

"Do it in the morning and before you go out at night," Margaret recommended.

For heavy duty protection against bad vibes keep the crystals aventurine and labragorite on you all day.

"And you can use incense smoke to ward off nasties if you are feeling a bit bogged down," she said.

Libby King of Pushkar also suggested burning incense ? particularly dragon's blood and white sage ? to get rid of bad energy.

But Margaret insists the simplest, cheapest and most important thing you can do to give yourself good fortune on Black Friday is to make sure you don't talk yourself into your own bad luck.

"We create our own reality through our thoughts, so if you believe something bad will happen it will. Wake up and say to yourself, I'm going to have a great day. You should do that every day," she said.

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