Hot mail is firing up Australia Post

ARSONISTS are on the march, and Australia Post needs your help to stop them.

Overnight on Tuesday, vandals set fire to a post box outside Coffs Harbour's Park Beach Plaza post office.

"The box sustained minor fire damage and regrettably, as a result, the mail contained within it was damaged," Australia Post spokeswoman, Elizabeth Rich, said.

"Wherever possible, this mail will be forwarded on with a letter of apology and explanation from Australia Post.

"This criminal act was reported to police. Tampering and interfering with Australia Post's street posting boxes is an offence under the Commonwealth Criminal Code and can carry a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment."

Any customer who posted mail in the street posting box between 4pm on Tuesday and 6am yesterday is urged to make other arrangements for their mail.

"The damage that vandals cause in attacks like these seriously affects the community," Ms Rich said. "Residents who have posted their mail in a box that gets damaged are sometimes forced to re-send important letters and might lose items of sentimental value like photos or greeting cards.

"Serious vandalism incidents can also represent a public safety risk.

"Although we regularly evaluate the security and condition of our street posting boxes, the assistance of local residents can help to reduce this kind of vandalism in the community.

Coffs Harbour residents who are concerned about how the incident may have affected them should contact the Australia Post Customer Service Centre on 13 13 18.

If you saw suspicious activity in the Park Beach Plaza area overnight on Tuesday, contact Coffs Harbour Police Station on 6652 0299, or CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000. Or Australia Post Customer Service on 13 13 18.

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