THE weather played had a dramatic influence on the finals of Saturday morning junior tennis competition.

The finals of divisions 2, 3 and 5 were all played but divisions 1 and 4 were played at Westside Tennis Courts the following Saturday.

The final of division 1 was a close affair untill the second last set.

Joshua Crowley and Kelly Armstrong had a great set with hard-hit balls being a feature.

It finished four-all. Henry Elvy then put the match beyond doubt with a 7/1 win in his singles.

This gave his team an eight-game lead with only one set to go.

They eventually won 27/21.

Coffs courts were fine on the weekend so all matches at those courts were played as usual.

The final of division 2 was a close affair as expected. Yulina Degans has performed well all competition and was probably the difference in the final.

She won her singles 7/1 and then combined with Michael Purton to win a doubles 7/1. Two sets like this are very hard to peg back in a final.

Chris Waites did his best for the opposition by winning his singles and a doubles 6/2 but this was not enough to make up the deficit his team was behind.

The Pierce team, consisting of Yulina, Miachael and Peter Young won 27/21. Yulina Degans also was the singles winner for division 2 with 65 per cent.

In division 3 Tom Bishop has been the dominating player all competition.

He won 81 per cent of his singles games which is an outstanding effort and will result in automatic promotion next term.

He won his three sets in the final including a 7/1 singles win to help his team to an emphatic win. Drew Haymen and Adam Simmons were the other members of the winning team.

Division 4 was the other final to be played last Saturday after the previous weeks washout.

It was also very close with the end result being 26/22 to the Melbourne Park team of Hayley Simpson.

Nick Brazel and Lucy Mudge. Four of the six sets were 4/4 which shows just how close this final was. Nick Brazel was the only player to win a singles with a 5/3 win. He also combined with Lucy to win the last set 5/3 for the four game win.

Chelsea Whittleton, James Jeffs and Toby Newell had a comfortable 31/17 win in division 5. Chelsea and James both won their singles 7/1 which gave their team an unbeatable lead after the first three sets.

This continued the great competition that James Jeffs has had as he also won the singles with 79 per cent.

Again this was extremely good. Chelsea Whittleton was very close to him and both players will definitely go up a division next term.

Each week now I will go through a rule of tennis that every junior or senior player for that matter need to know but obviously do not.

This weeks is ? if you happen to hit a serve on the full or be hit accidently by a serve on the full you automatically lose the point.

It is irrelevant whether your shot goes in or not. You must always let the ball bounce out if your opponents serve is to be called a fault.

Just a reminder. If there is any player who wants to play in the Saturday morning junior competition next term they have untill this Saturday to contact either Col Dunn on 6652 6419 or Tony Polack on 6652 5626 to register their name.

The competition runs from either 7.45am to 9.30am or 9.15am to 11am.

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