Hello, Telstra, is there anybody home?


SINCE last I wrote (CCA, 20/9/2006, page 7), rapid progress has been made on the replacement of my dead phone line.

Well, that's what the Telstra bloke said when we spoke the other day.

"The funding for your work has been approved ? the job has been booked in for the week of October 20 to 26. That's very quick."

Oh really? Four weeks actually feels like quite a long time to be out of direct contact with the outside world.

But I am pleased to have a date to look forward to.

Life, however, is never straight forward. Now my landlord has informed me the water line to my house lies right in the path of where the new cable is to be laid.

That raises the real possibility of getting my phone back but having to cart water for a cup of tea!

I had a long discussion with the Telstra bloke (he's in Port Macquarie) about this and he assured me he had emailed the information to the department responsible for putting in new cables and avoiding water lines. Good.

I've also had a few conversations with the blokes about my interim phone, which is waiting for me at Bell- ingen post office.

The problem is, it's open during normal working hours ? when I'm in Coffs Harbour!

On Friday I got a text saying Telstra had transferred the interim service from my work mobile to Telstra's interim phone.

"But I haven't got the phone yet!"

Oh! Okay, that can be reversed.

Next a text came saying they had "deactivated all the interim services because my landline was operational".

Huh? Another call to sort out this confusion and I'm starting to feel I'm playing an important role boosting in- come with all these calls I'm making.

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