Haworth to face judiciary


PARK Beach Bowling Club Colts captain Craig Haworth's stellar cricket career could be over, with the former Australian Country captain facing a long suspension for giving an umpire the mother of all gobfuls on Saturday.

Haworth let fly after being given out lbw and again during the lunch break of Saturday's crucial clash with premiers Nana Glen.

"Yeah, I had my say, but it's done now," Haworth said.

"I can only look back and say I shouldn't have done it.

"It's the first time I've ever gone off like that, I just had a bit of brain explosion.

"I let the poor bloke have it with both barrels, it wasn't very pleasant."

Haworth says he is likely to retire if he is suspended.

"I'd say I will be suspended, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens," Haworth conceded.

"If I am suspended I probably won't bother playing again."

Haworth said the out-of-character action was born out of frustration.

"It's not just me that has to put up with it, every other poor bastard has to turn up on Saturdays and cop it (poor umpiring)," he said.

The round-eight match is must-win for both sides and Haworth was angered that two relatively inexperienced umpires were put in charge.

"The game was very important for both sides, but there were two junior umpires out there," he said.

"For games like that, they should use at least one experienced umpire and one junior umpire.

"It's not fair on the umpires either."

Coffs Harbour and District Cricket Association president Ken Robinson refused to be drawn into comment about the incident, but confirmed Haworth will have to front the judiciary later this week.

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