Have wings, will fly


IF you could be paid for youthful enthusiasm then the futures of Coffs Coast teenagers Monique Jerome, Jade Fishburn and Natacha Rooney would be looking secure.

As it is, their enthusiasm buoys their dream that their project, Hidden Wings, will be the ticket out of their home towns of Stuarts Point and Urunga.

The three girls have developed a thought-provoking tale about a teenager, Jade, who meets an Earth Deva, Fate, and an ethereal cast of thousands.

Their multi-media skills mean the story may take many forms but the message is simple.

"Listen to the planet and care for her," the trio said emphatically. "This is a global story ? we want children and adults to think about how we treat the planet and what future generations will inherit."

The young women met two years ago through photographer/mentor Keith Tutor.

After seeing some web-cam music videos Jade and Monique had made, he decided their talents should be guided beyond an initial interest in modelling.

"I have been able to help by introducing the girls to other people with the skills to support their project."

The girls now have a website, a media package and four chapters of Book One in the series.

They have fleshed out characters and the different issues they want to touch on.

Every story has an explan- atory thread about how the planet works.

"For example, Fate takes Jade into the clouds and shows her water droplets," Jade said.

Jade's mother, Jackie Fishburn, said her daughter had always been in tune with the environment and interested in global issues.

"The girls' message is part fable, part myth and part reality," Jackie said.

"It is about relationships and the planet and gives nature a voice.

"Keith has guided the girls to a lot of other professionals. It's great they have all these opportunities."

And if all these dreams come true?

"We want to start a Hidden Wings Foundation to help other kids do what they want to do," Natacha said.

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