Hackers terrorising Coffs business


DARIN Ryan may live on the peaceful Mid North Coast but he's fighting cyber-terrorists every day.

Mr Ryan, the owner of the 3Mothers web design company, says he is being regularly attacked by a radical group which hijacks websites.

The group claims to be motivated by anger at Australia's role in the war against terrorism.

These online 'freedom fighters' from Turkey and the Middle East have twice managed to penetrate his company's electronic defences and hack into the websites of small businesses on the Coffs Coast and surrounding areas.

Yesterday one of the sites 3Mothers created for a new start-up company, Best Antimicrobial, had morphed into a lengthy rant from a Turkish organisation railing against the West in both English and Turkish.

Mr Ryan said the site was hacked on Monday and he's not alone ? among others the website for the community Players Theatre group in Port Macquarie was also hacked.

He said his company's webmaster had managed to 'trade a couple of conversations' with the Turkish organisation which had hacked the site and turned it into a poster for Ayyildiz-org TiM.

The changed site, after accusing various Western nations of spreading misinformation about Turkey and Islam, gives an alternative view of events and threatens to 'erase all your sites from internet'.

"He (the Turkish hacker) said we are commercial and Western and Australian, so we are an OK target, even though we are just a small mums and dads business," Mr Ryan said.

"I've got nothing against Islam or Muslims and it's not just happening to us, but to website owners around the world.

"Apparently we are Australian and fair game. "The drawcard is our high profile in the 'war against terrorism'."

He said Australians had a relatively large presence in cyberspace, with about 10-15 per cent of online publishing coming from Australia.

Mr Ryan said apparently the name of his firm, 3Mothers, was a symbol in Islamic folklore.

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