Group 2 too slow to react


IF it was known that alleged problems have existed between the Warriors and Panthers for the best part of a year, why did it take so long for Group 2 Management to act?

When concerns first surfaced in 2004, why was nothing done to nip the problem in the bud?

Why was no intervention made when incidents occurred at this year's Orara Sevens and most were anticipating problems at the first competition game on April 10?

When that day arrived, what action was taken when a sin-binned Warriors player allegedly punched out a spectator upon entering the dressing shed, the incident taking place not more than a few feet from where two senior Group officials were standing?

On the same occasion, what action was taken when a player screamed abuse from on the field, accusing opposing players and supporters of being 'rednecks' and trying to incite onlookers to jump the fence to get stuck in?

It seems there are more than Three Blind Mice in this neck of the woods.

Why say there was antagonism between the clubs when none existed?

Sawtell's problems were always with individuals. Not the Gimbisi club as such, and they always said that.

During the meeting held last week, mention was made of the ruckus that eventuated at last year's preliminary final.

Who overlooked the fact Sawtell's competitor that day was Macksville, not Gimbisi, and that the scrap involving the Warriors on the day happened in the Under 18's when the fellow traveller was Nambucca Heads?

And who's deadly serious brainstorm was it to suggest future Panther matches be played behind closed gates at the Stadium, transferring the tension from one venue to another?

Sergeant Schultz must have attended Verge Street the last time Sawtell visited.

"I know nussing. I see nussing."

Gimbisi moved in the wake of the match to slap a lifetime ban on one spectator and a five year suspension on another.

Apparently, only they and the Sawtell officials saw a braindead individual jump the fence and allegedly lay the slipper into a player on the ground.

Only Sawtell and Gimbisi knew some halfwit had belted Craig Wallace in the back of the head while he was sitting on the sideline, probably knowing the big man would take no action while under official control.

Funny how the same fool wasn't brave enough to confront Craig when everybody had left the ground and the big man was no longer under any control other than the law of the land?

"Three blind mice, three blind mice, see how they run..."

For cover?

Being part of sports management means much more than applying rules and regulations to keep the constituent bodies under the thumb.

It means being decisive.

Taking action immediately when problems arise and solving those problems.

It means being pro-active.

Coming up with ideas that may benefit the participants and offering these ideas for discussion.

It means leadership. And it's here we have the crux of our most recent problem.

Leadership, of which we have bugger all at the moment.

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