Grannies angry and demand a western bypass

THEY may have been quiet over the past few months, but the Angry Grannies are back to let everyone know that they haven't gone anywhere and, most importantly, they are still just as angry.

The Angry Grannies are preparing for round two of the battle to protect their grandchildren's right to grow up in a peaceful and healthy environment, free from carcinogenic diesel pollution.

And they want you to join them in their fight.

Angry granny Margaret Murphy said the group was calling for all members of the community, not just grandmothers, to support them in their call for a proper western bypass.

"The more people we have, the stronger our voice," Ms Murphy said.

"We are horrified at what started as a plan to 'upgrade' the Pacific Highway, has developed into a motorway, where B-doubles and other heavy vehicles, legally travelling at speeds in excess of 110kph, will mix with school buses and local traffic."

Further infuriating the Angry Grannies was the announcement from Prime Minister John Howard that Ipswich would receive funding of $2.3 billion for the Goodna Bypass.

"It was said that with the Goodna Bypass, residents wouldn't have 'vehicles trundling past their doorsteps, the roads will be safer, with a dedicated freight route keeping B-Doubles away from barinas'," Ms Murphy said.

"What is good enough for Ipswich should be good enough for Coffs Harbour."

After lodging a Project Application with the Department of Planning (DoP), the Roads and Traffic Authority carried out an environmental assessment to present to the DoP.

The environmental assessment and other project documentation is soon to be exhibited for community information and comment.

"We have been advised by the executive director of Major Project Assesments, Mr Chris Wilson, (on behalf of the Minister for Planning, Mr Sartor) strongly recommending that we, the Angry Grannies, make a formal submission," Ms Murphy said.

As well as the DoP submission, Ms Murphy said the Angry Grannies would be requesting support from Member for Cowper Luke Hartsuyker in fighting for a proper western bypass as a long-term solution.

"If you feel passionately about the future health of your children and grandchildren, and want to add your name to our list, please e-mail your details to or phone 6653 6037 or 6651 1409," Ms Murphy said.

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