Graduates could stay


SOUTHERN Cross University teaching graduates could stay on the Coffs Coast for their first position, under new staffing arrangements for teachers announced this month.

Department of Education and Training North Coast regional director, Carol Carrigan, said out of 5000 teachers across the region, only four new graduate teachers were employed on the North Coast last year.

"Under the new staffing system, principals after 2010 can decide to take on a new graduate from the list or, through an open advertisement, choose a graduate," Ms Carrigan said.

"Unfortunately those new graduates who wish to stay in the area are finding there are no positions for them to do so, and the new staffing system will provide the opportunity for these young teachers to stay and work in their local communities."

However, NSW Teachers Federation regional organiser, Wayne Webber, said there is no guarantee graduates will get a job where they want.

"Not one extra job is being created under this new arrangement," Mr Webber said.

"It's a lottery with the same amount of prizes but a lot more tickets."

Mr Webber said there is provision in the current staffing arrangement for every teacher.

"This system has been in development for 15 years and now they want to throw it out," he said.

"The only way to get more graduates into teaching positions is to put an extra 1000 permanent positions in the system."

But Ms Carrigan said a benefit of the new system would be the mix of teaching experience it offers, with graduates able to be mentored by the more experienced teachers.

"This would enable a mix of experience in the classroom, with graduates bringing enthusiasm and more experienced teachers providing wisdom," she said.

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