Global ends with great light show


IT seemed the hardest part of the Global Carnival was how to turn the weekend's fun off on Sunday night.

The beauty of the evening lantern parade and fire event followed by four more hours of great music meant no-one wanted to go home.

Nonetheless end it did and in Bellingen on Monday the common greeting among friends was "Did you have a good Global?"

It seems everyone did, including the organisers who said attendances were good.

For artists like West-African kora (harp-like instrument) player Jali Buba Kuyateh, festivals provide a rich environment, where he meets fellow countrymen, whose history he shares, as well as finding common ground with musicians from other nationalities.

"I come originally from Senegal from a family of story-tellers," Jali Buba said.

"I came to Australia in 2005 and I met (Brisbane band) Afro Dizzi Act at Woodford I am still playing with them now."

They were one of the main acts at the 1999 inaugural Katmandu Jazz Festival in Nepal.

And a final highlight? Billy Milroy and his tea chest bass from the Old Spice Boys.

All the ingredients (box, broom handle, string) from the back shed, add some gloves (to stop blisters) and the result is great.

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