Football scandal tackled


GARY McEvoy wants one thing made perfectly clear: There was no crime committed when the Bulldogs visited Coffs Harbour in February 2004.

The former Coffs Harbour detective appeared on ABC's Stateline on Friday night to put to rest the persistent rumours surrounding an alleged rape case involving six Bulldogs players and a Coffs Harbour woman in a pool at Novotel Pacific Bay Resort.

"The investigation was never flawed," Mr McEvoy told Stateline.

"The reason there were no charges laid is because there was no evidence to support the allegations.

"By the Monday afternoon, we hadn't identified one witness that gave evidence that would support what the victim had told us up to that stage.

"Twelve statements were all consistent with what the four players had told us."

Mr McEvoy said the alleged victim had gone to a girlfriend's room at the resort asking her to go down to the pool to look for her shoes.

The girlfriend told police that at that time, the alleged victim was not upset, wasn't crying and wasn't emotional.

Mr McEvoy said the girlfriend came back from the pool and found the alleged victim in the carpark. She was distressed.

Stateline raised the question over whether the alleged rape could have occurred after the consensual sex that had occurred between the alleged victim and one of the Bulldogs players.

The program also questioned whether, due to the timing of when the alleged victim was distressed, whether a rape involving six men could have occurred in daylight at the resort without any resort staff or other guests not seeing or hearing anything.

Mr McEvoy said when 2GB announcer Ray Hadley announced on air that a rape had occurred, just two days after the alleged incident, it was obvious the information had come from within the police.

"The only way for Hadley to get that report was from a police officer. Someone had placed their own interests ahead of the investigation," Mr McEvoy said.

Mr McEvoy said he was convinced that no rape had occurred and had approached police commissioner Ken Maroney to officially repudiate the claims by Ray Hadley and name the officer who had made the claims to Mr Hadley.

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