Flashed, but not speeding

With less than a week before the new Moonee Beach Shopping Centre opens, fears are growing that the intersection will be the si
With less than a week before the new Moonee Beach Shopping Centre opens, fears are growing that the intersection will be the si

Flashed, but not speeding, says driver

KATHY Fitzgerald is adamant she has done nothing wrong.

The Sandy Beach mum was one of 392 motorists flashed by a police camera car on the Pacific Highway at Moonee on Monday in a crackdown on speedsters hurtling through roadworks.

She was travelling south with her teenage son, Matthew, at 11am and slowed down when she hit the signposted 80km/hour zone.

She figures she was travelling at 74km/h to 76km/h, and was expecting a 60km/h zone up ahead.

However, it did not eventuate, unlike other days, and she stuck to her speed.

"Then I saw a flash. Everyone in front of me was flashed as well," Kathy said.

"We turned around and double-checked, but there was definitely no 60km/h sign at the time.

"So we weren't exceeding the speed limit, which as far as I'm concerned was 80km/h."

On her return journey north at 3.45pm, Kathy noticed a 60km/h speed limit was signposted and she slowed accordingly.

"I've never had an infringement in my life. I'm always careful and I watch out for roadworks.

"I know it's a dangerous intersection. I travel that road twice a day and I know to look for the signs.

"Most people I have followed do stick to the limit.

"I'm definitely going to appeal when I receive the fine in the post. I'm not prepared to pay, or lose points off my licence, for something I didn't do."

Graham Smallwood, who said he made this trip three or four times each week, confirmed Ms Fitzgerald's comments, saying he had been travelling north about 9.45am on Monday and obeyed the 80km/h roadworks ahead sign, but saw no 60km/h sign.

"I could see the lollipop man signalling to slow down and wondered why, because I wasn't exceeding the speed limit," Mr Smallwood said.

But when he returned about 12.30pm, he saw a 60km/h sign with people working near it, so thought the sign must have blown over and been re-erected.

Police have been clamping down on speedsters in the Moonee area following complaints about driver behaviour.

They say drivers needed to observe the 80km/h speed zones, or the 60km/h zones, which were in force when crews were working on or by the side of the road.

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