Fears of logging damage


THE logging of environmentally sensitive private land near Red Rock highlights the inadequacies of NSW legislation, according to Carmel Flint.

As spokesperson for the North East Forest Alliance, Ms Flint, said the block contained endangered forest communities, culturally significant forest and known threatened species habitats.

She said that while strict rules regulated clearing of native vegetation, an exemption for logging was a loophole that enabled landowners to clear their land.

"We hold the NSW Government directly responsible for this logging because of their repeated failure to close a legal loophole in the native vegetation laws which facilitates logging on private land, and because they refuse to enforce the few rules that do exist," Ms Flint said.

"The Government was set to close this loophole earlier this year by the introduction of a Code of Practice for logging on private land, but they delayed it for at least another year after capitulating to a scare campaign from the logging industry."

A spokesman for the Department of Natural Resources said the logging at Red Rock did appear to involve private native forestry activities and that the department would monitor it to ensure it complied with the Private Native Forestry exemption.

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