Explosion of egos

THE public rarely see the explosion of egos when the city slickers roll into town to 'do their bit for the bush.'

Take the case a few seasons back when a certain high profile mob from the big smoke rocked up to play a trial at the Stadium.

Patronising attitude aside everything went swimmingly until their usually mild-mannered had a brain meltdown in front of the locals.

I was handling the PA this night when Stadium manager Ivan Winters requested a mention of the Charity Shield game between Souths and the Saints being on TV in the downstairs bar and that patrons were welcome to stay on to watch when the local entertainment finished.

No sooner had my spiel finished when the visiting CEO burst into the box breathing fire.

"How dare we acknowledge those parasitic so-and-so's from the Rabbitohs," he ranted, 'when the whole event was about his team.

"Do it again and we'll leave the field," he threatened.

Word spread quickly to Glenn Shipman in his office out back so he sent word requesting a discussion with the CEO.

Now this bloke should have had an inkling something was up.

Perhaps in hindsight he wishes he'd been more wary of the local yokel famous for stitching up Bullfrog Moore when to tried to swipe Matt Ryan only to go back to Sydney lighter of cheque ook and tail between legs.

He should have known he was out of his depth when the guru kicked his own officials out of the room and slammed the door.

Those listening outside told me later what Shippo said when he let rip and it had us all in stitches at this visiting big wig's discomfort.

There are no place for those words in a family newspaper.

Think of every swear word and blasphemy invented and let your imagination do the walking.

The CEO was informed who ran football locally and if he didn't like it, tough titties.

That sort of thing.

To the day he left us, whenever I reminded the great man of that night he could still raise a chuckle.

"Bernie learnt something new about football that night," was all the big fella would say.

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