Driven to stupidity


MID North Coast motorists should be ashamed of their attitudes towards drink-driving.

An AAMI survey of Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie motorists reveals 46 per cent the highest in NSW admit to having driven despite probably being over the legal limit.

We're also the worst in NSW when it comes to trying to give police the slip.

Almost one in five respondents said they had taken a different route home after drinking.

Meanwhile, 11 per cent said it was okay to drive after drinking, as long as they felt capable of doing so.

That, unfortunately, was the second highest figure for NSW.

Chief Inspector Shane Cribb from Coffs Harbour police said people should remember that if they decided to drink and drive, they would be detected and put before the courts.

"Police regularly conduct random breath tests on any road, so people who might want to change their routes to avoid us are wasting their time," he said.

AAMI's survey on the Mid North Coast also revealed 87 per cent admitted to speeding at times, while 10 per cent said they sped most of the time.

More than a third admitted to speeding to reach work or home faster.

The research paints an alarming picture on road rage, with nine in 10 respondents saying drivers were becoming more aggressive.

Almost 60 per cent admitted gesturing rudely or yelling at another motorist when they've done something dangerous or rude.

Of those, 85 per cent thought their actions were justified.

Also, 60 per cent of drivers have yelled or sworn at another motorist for doing something dangerous or rude, with 83 per cent of them also able to justify their actions.

Only three per cent of drivers said responding aggressively to road rage was appropriate.

And one driver in 14 said they had become so angry with the actions of another motorist they had tailgated them, with 57 per cent thinking this was justified.

The Mid North Coast was one of 22 regions/cities surveyed throughout Australia.

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