Dramatic drop-off

COFFSAC president Phil Crofts has expressed concern over the organisation's downturn in membership numbers.

The COFFSAC organisation, which acts as a link between the sporting public and Coffs Harbour City Council, has experienced a dramatic fall-off in member numbers recently.

That is problem number one.

Problem number two is that the organisation can't pinpoint the reason for the drop-off.

In the past, COFFSAC (Coffs Sports Advisory Council) has boasted over 50 members, made up of clubs, associations and individuals.

However, current numbers are nowhere near that level.

"Like anything else, we have our ups and downs," Crofts said yesterday.

"Sometimes there are issues that get everyone full of passion and interest and everyone wants to get involved.

"At the moment there are no big issues to get people up in arms, so maybe that's what the problem is. But we don't know."

"For some reason a lot of our members are not renewing.

"Hopefully it might just be that they have forgotten to send their cheques in and not because of something we are not doing."

COFFSAC meets every month to discuss issues affecting local sport and gives local clubs, associations and individuals a voice to tell council concerns and opinions.

"We do not always agree with Council, but they look to us to know what sport thinks about various issues," Crofts said.

Crofts points to the development of Richardson Park as testament to what the organisation can achieve.

He described the dwindling membership numbers as 'a concern' rather than potentially fatal crisis.

"It is too important a group to fall away," he said.

"I don't think we are in danger of that happening at the moment though."

The next COFFSAC meeting will be held at Coffs Harbour City Council Sports Unit on April 13.

For more information, contact Phil Crofts on 6652 5525 or Bruce Barnier on 6652 8901.

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