Dan Brodie
Dan Brodie

Dan Brodie?s level best

IT'S all about the music: reaching new levels, and levelling old ones. If you read Dan Brodie's promo guff the message is that this guy is serious about his art.

He's been at it since he was 14 years old. The words dedicated, hard-working, and passionate keep cropping up again and again. And when you talk to him it's all about the levels.

Music is the thing that dictates Dan Brodie's world, and in an interview with the Entertainer this week he talked about the levels he has reached and the new ones he is aiming for.

"I am 28 years old and I started in bands when I was 14. I played Battle of the Bands and I know I took everything incredibly seriously at that age," Brodie said.

"A lot of people drop off around the age of 25, there are not many still playing that I grew up with. But I decided on certain things. I didn't do the travelling, backpacking thing, because that would have slowed me down getting to the level I wanted to be at."

And now, at the age of just 28, Dan Brodie feels he is at that level, he's reached that point he was aiming for ? only to discover he can't rely on Australia for a living.

"It's just so hard, unless you hit middle Australia in the eye with your music you struggle to make a living here."

So all that talk about working hard, 'it's the music that dictates his world': well, it's all true.

Brodie has launched a new album, and tried some new pop rock sounds aiming for middle Australia's middle eye.

Forget the Dan Brodie of old (pedal steel, outlaw aura, country-rock boots and guitars) this new album Beautiful Crimes is a pop record.

"I was always very disdainful of pop music until I sat down and tried to do it, then I realised it was one of the hardest things you can do as a writer. I sort of found myself drawn to the challenge.

"I wrote 40 or 50 songs for this record. It was a real transitional period, kind of purging I guess, because they were still quite blues-based. Then I hooked up with Barry Palmer (see below) and the whole thing started to shift."

Now Brodie is talking about building up an international career, with two albums released in France already and hopes for some tours in Europe in the near future.

He's also been working on improving the current live show, playing piano on stage, something he has never done in public in his long musical life. He said the hardest thing about mastering the new instrument was knowing where to look while he played.

"I wanted to make a more interesting and colourful live show. To reach the level I am aspiring to be at you have to try and offer as many layers and instruments and levels," he said.

Brodie's not just over-using the word ? he is so focused on his work that 'levels' is all he can see. He is one genuinely motivated musician.

But, as he is discovering, there may be no end to the levels a person can aim to achieve?

The Entertainer has three copies of Brodie's latest album Beautiful Crimes to giveaway to readers. To be in the draw, simply cut out this WIN coupon, add your contact details and drop it into the Advocate before 10am Thursday, April 14.

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