Creek walk jog leads to attack from dog


LISA Holley's worst fears were realised yesterday morning, when she and her family were attacked by a dog while on a morning jog.

Mrs Holley, her husband, two children, family friend Tim Capes, his wife and his daughter, were on a morning jog on the Coffs Creek Walk yesterday when an unrestrained dog unexpectedly jumped at them.

"My son, who is 12, was actually in front, so the dog came at him first, but he's quite a fast runner and was fortunately able to evade the dog," Mrs Holley said.

"The owners held the dog while my husband and I passed, but then they let it go, and that's when Tim came through and it bit him."

Mr Capes, a Brisbane local who is in Coffs Harbour for a holiday, is now sporting a cut and bruising on the back of his thigh where the dog bit him.

"I didn't say anything, I was just completely taken by surprise," he said.

"The thing is that we had three children with us and it could have been worse."

The Coffs Creek Walk is not a leash-free area for dogs, and Mrs Holley is pleading with people to obey the rules.

"People just don't realise the risk to their dogs being injured by bikes as well as the pain and suffering they may cause others from a fall or bite."

Coffs Harbour City Council senior ranger David Brooks, said people need to be responsible for their dogs.

"Basically, whenever you're in a public place, your dog needs to be on a lead unless they're in a leash-free area," he said.

"People need to be aware that if their dog does bite, they run the risk of the council declaring it a dangerous dog, which imposes a number of strict conditions so much so that it's hardly worth keeping them.

"Fines for having an unrestrained dog range up to $55,000. Basically, the message is if you take your dog out, put it on a lead and keep it on the lead."

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