Cowboy? drivers blasted

THE problematic Pacific Highway remains a hot topic along the Coffs Coast, with people citing story after story of 'close calls'.

At this week's Coffs Harbour City Council meeting, a number of councillors took the opportunity to express their concerns and share their stories.

Cr David Featherstone said he put his life 'on the line' when travelling home between Coffs Harbour and Moonee recently.

Cr Featherstone said he was passed by five semi-trailers and was then 'run off the road'.

This experience made him think signs could be erected along the highway displaying a phone number to report dangerous road activity.

"I didn't want to call 000, but if I knew another number to call I would have dobbed them in," Cr Featherstone said.

Coffs Harbour mayor Cr Keith Rhoades said while people might feel it wasn't important enough to call 000, it may turn into an emergency further up the road.

"I suggest calling 000. It could end up preventing an accident later down the highway," Cr Rhoades said.

After an experience with a B-double running a red light, Cr Ian Hogbin brought up the issue of installing red light cameras at a number of the city's intersections.

"What makes Coffs Harbour unique from others towns just as affected by trucks is the amount of traffic lights we have," Cr Hogbin said.

"If red light cameras were installed it would go a long way to deterring trucks from running red lights."

Cr Bill Palmer related an experience he had travelling from Moonee to Coffs Harbour recently.

He said that after turning onto the highway from the Moonee Beach entrance a B-double sped up behind him and started beeping.

"I had ample time to get on the highway," Cr Palmer said.

Cr Palmer said he didn't believe he had to pull over so continued to do the speed limit.

"When we got to the Korora hill, the B-double passed me and beeped angrily," he said.

"I don't want to attack all truck drivers, we are talking about cowboys here."

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