Cover up guide for outdoor workers

EMPLOYERS and workers who work outdoors on the Mid North Coast are encouraged to protect themselves from the sun by using a new guide released by The Cancer Council NSW and Workcover NSW, which outlines vital sun safety practices.

The 'skin cancer and outdoor work' brochure contains practical advice, support and information for both employers and employees who work outdoors for all or part of the day.

According to Vanessa Crossley of The Cancer Council's Mid North Coast office, outdoor workers can be exposed to serious sun damage, resulting in skin cancer yet sun protection isn't always a priority.

"It is also important that workers comply with their employer's sun safety policy and also use adequate personal protective equipment," she said.

"You wouldn't go onto a construction site without shoes or a helmet. Similarly there are long-term risks of working in the sun without adequate protection. Where possible workers should seek shade from buildings, trees, awnings and canopies, even just for short periods and wear protective clothing that covers your arms, legs and body," she said.

"It's simple precautions like these that will help improve the health and safety of people who are working outdoors. They may even save a life."

For more information or to obtain a copy of 'Skin Cancer and Outdoor Work' phone 6651 5732 or go to

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