Coffs crime capital of Mid North Coast

COFFS is harbouring a higher serious crime rate than its Mid-North Coast neighbour, Port Macquarie, according to latest Bureau Of Crime Statistics and Research New South Wales information.

In 2006 the Coffs Harbour local government area had a higher rate of manslaughter, assault, sexual offences, robbery without a weapon, robbery with a weapon (not a firearm), harassment, threatening behaviour and private nuisacne, and theft of every variety except stealing from a person and fraud, than Port Macquarie Hastings.

There was also more prohibited and regulated weapons offences, trespass, criminal intent, betting and gaming offences and liquor offences in Coffs.

And the list goes on ? this region outnumbered Port Macquarie in most types of drug offences and against justice procedures such as breach of bail conditions, escaping custody and failure to appear.

There was a higher rate in Coffs Harbour of possession, use, dealing and trafficking of narcotics and cannabis and other drugs; possession and use of cocaine and ecstacy; and other drug offences.

Malicious damage to property was an area where Coffs Harbour criminals performed exceptionally well, with 405 recorded incidents more than Port Macquarie Hastings.

The only type of offences that were more prolific in Port Macquarie Hastings was driving-related, with higher figures in eight out of 11 categories.

Coffs Harbour was much more well-behaved when it came to exceeding the speed limit, with just 1962 incidents compared to 3730 in Port Macquarie Hastings. However, Coffs residents who like the occasional alcoholic beverage let the team down, with 332 of them getting behind the wheel while exceeding the alcohol limit as opposed to 308 in Port.

Coffs Harbour Police said they were unable to comment on the statistics until they saw them.

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