Coffs Beach, Rock and Estuary Fishing Club

IT'S a shame about that southerly last week.

The surface action scene was already to explode into life.

Now we have to wait and see what it has done to the water and hope that the warm current will hang around the coastline for a while.

Just before the blow there were bluefin and mackerel, bonnies and mackerel tuna everywhere you looked.

I was standing on natural rock chasing luderick and witnessed a great sight as the bluefin tore into large patches of garries and all that was taking place 20 metres from my blackfish float.

Where's the spinning gear when you need it. I can't recall anyone ever taking a bluefin 100 metres from the boat ramp.

There's been some nice tuna taken already with Henry West and Shane Bursle and two other anglers landing fish up to 18 kilos.

It's very exciting to watch your reel unload at a million mile an hour when they hit your livie or spinner.

The club's next comp is the weekend after this weekend's Easter Classic and we are all praying we have got that big blow out of the way and good fishing conditions will take place right through both weekends.

The species for our competition 2/4/05 are whiting, luderick, bream flathead and a surface fish. The subs will be rock blackfish (drummer) and jewfish.

As I said earlier the garries are in the harbour and if you can get them burlied up then you will get a stack. I threw some bread into a gutter and dead set there were hundreds there within minutes and I managed to catch a nice lot before the weather set in.

Henry's new float system seems to work well. You may have to patent it Henry.

Well, good fishing till next time.


WELL, that's about it for another week. If you're looking for a fish over the Easter break it's all going to depend on the weather. If the wind drops, the rain clears and the water temperatures stays up, it will be a ripper.

Mackerel, bluefin tuna and cobia just to keep things interesting with snapper and the usual reef fare to put some fillets on the plate.

The beach gutters should turn up tailor, the odd good bream and a few jewfish. I'm sure I don't even have to mention the dart.

Good plate-sized flathead in the estuaries with some very large whiting and the odd good bream.

If you do dangle a line this weekend, may those lines be tight and your seas slight.


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