City media have a patronising attitude

TWO city - written press articles from the past fortnight and their patronising attitude towards country footy in general (and this area in particular), really have me peeved.

The first appeared as a spread in the Sunday Telegraph on February 26 under the heading "Rugby league's battle to win back Coffs Harbour."

From the early description of our city as a 'sleepy seaside town', it was obvious what slant the article would take.

The insinuation was the game 'died' in this town when the Bulldogs scandal broke and was only re-born with the arrival of the Knights and Sharks.

Obviously, the author had no idea this 'sleepy seaside town' and it's environs manages to support four thriving rugby league clubs.

No wonder the bush is treated badly by arrogant governments etc. when this sort of tosh is continually peddled by city media.

They would have us believe speech patterns slow considerably and our IQ levels hover just above what's necessary to sustain life, the minute we pass the old toll gates at Hornsby.

We should bring this writer to town and put him straight.

Promise him we'll roast some freshly shot bandicoot, break out the moonshine, sing a Tex Morton ballad or two and smoke a few cones of dried paspalum to make him feel at home.

He mustn't know how far we've come in the sticks.

Why, these days we even spit out the cowshit when we chew our nails.

The second article infesting my nostrils appeared in Rugby League Week on March 8.

With the title 'Jolly Swagman', the story profiled former Sawtell Panther, Danny Vaughan.

Go on, read it, and tell me if Danny doesn't come out of it looking like some hokey hillbilly halfwit hick.

Fair dinkum, these city writers have a strange ideas about what makes us country folk tick.

They must think our concept of community and family values is how much you can get selling your sister to the travelling circus passing through town.

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