Christmas becomes a pain for shoppers

Karen Harrison and her son, Jacob, brave the Christmas shopping crowds.
Karen Harrison and her son, Jacob, brave the Christmas shopping crowds.


KAREN Harrison always looks forward to Christmas ? but the stress of buying presents for her six children means she doesn't get to enjoy the silly season until all her shopping is done.

Just two weeks out from the big day and Ms Harrison has almost completed her festive shopping, but she admits it can be real chore to get everything done in time.

And it seems Ms Harrison is not alone.

A recent survey, conducted by online shopping giant eBay, found that 96 per cent of adults hate Christmas shopping.

Amid the crowds, queues, sore feet, constant Christmas jingles, whingeing kids and the inconvenience of finding a parking spot, the pleasure of gift-giving appears to be lost.

Ms Harrison agrees that the influx of shoppers certainly detracts from the spirit.

But it seems that big crowds are now all part of the Australian Christmas experience.

Marketing manager at Park Beach Plaza, Darren Leaney, said the weeks leading up to the big day were certainly a busy time for retail.

With 'checkout' rage at its most aggressive, he reminds shoppers that assistants have a great deal to do.

"Bear in mind that they are spending time away from their loved ones over the festive season," Mr Leaney said.

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