Champion physi effort

THE Coffs Harbour BJP Physical Culture Club hosted the annual Far North Coast Zone Physical Culture competitions recently at John Paul College.

The Coffs Harbour 'Opal' team took out first place in the open teams section, with the Coffs Harbour 'Emerald' team a close second against very strong competition from the 11 teams.

Some of the judges' comments regarding the 'Opals' were championship team, outstanding teamwork, unique formations, 100 per cent effort by all team members, a pleasure to drill in this team each week.

The suggestion was strongly put forward that this team should go to Sydney to compete against the championship grade teams and would give them 'a run for their money.'

The winning team members were Marianne Kavanagh, Sarah Bathgate, Lee Hill, Cathy Mackay, Joanne Anderson, Cheryl Chelman, Julie Robotham and Simone Evans.

Members of the Emerald team were Sue Wolf, Kerrie Hall, Lee Hill, Kerri Johns, Netty Butler, Nettie King, Joanne Anderson and Cheryl Chelman. This team was also an exceptional team.

The Sapphire team was unlucky not to place and are more determined to give the competition a go next year.

Team members were Sandy Becker, Netty Butler, Nettie King, Tara Johns, Charmayne Jones, Julie-Ann Hasson, Annie Hirst and Kay Donoghue.

Simone Evans (3rd open U33 years and Joanne Anderson (3rd open over 33 years) both competed at the State Sports Centre, Homebush and were National finalists in Nations women's championships.

Cheryl Chelman was a zone finalist.

In the combined Over 43 and Over 53 champion lady section Julie Robotham took out first place with Judy Simpson fifth and Marianne Kavanagh six.

Kerrie Hall and Cathy Mackay were both well deserved finalists.

Lee Hill and Sarah Bathgate travelled to Sydney to compete in the National Overall Super women's.

Lee was successful in qualifying for these championships which were held at the Sydney Opera House where she was awarded National Grand Finalist medal.

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