Car sellers blitzed

NOTICED anything different while driving into Coffs Harbour? David Brooks has.

Coffs Harbour City Council's senior ranger, Mr Brooks said he did not see one car carrying a 'for sale' parked by the side of the road between Woolgoolga and the Coffs Harbour CBD yesterday morning.

After a weekend putting warning stickers on cars being sold along the road, the sudden disappearance of the vehicles brought a smile to his face.

"The highway looked a whole lot better without the cars for sale," he said.

"Intersections like the one at Emerald Beach can be quite dangerous with parked cars blocking drivers' vi- sion so it was much safer.

"I didn't think the stickers would make such a dramatic difference but they have."

The council has had 1000 red warning stickers printed to explain the legislation prohibiting the sale of vehicles by the roadside.

In a citywide sweep at the weekend, 68 of the stickers were placed on cars, although some of the owners weren't happy to receive them.

"Some couldn't understand that there was even a law that stops them selling their cars in this way," Mr Brooks said.

"The legislation says that any person who deliberately parks and displays their car for sale in a public area has to seek council approval.

"People with a small sign in the back of their car and driving around going about their normal, everyday activities won't have a problem, and neither will someone who parks the car on the street in front of their house."

The rangers would continue to monitor the parking of cars for sale and Mr Brooks emphasised that it was a safety issue as well.

"It is dangerous enough putting the stickers on the cars rather that walking around inspecting them," he said.

"If someone was knocked down while looking at a car on the road people would ask why the council hadn't done anything."

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