Call for rethink of park plans


CURACOA Street residents are glad Coffs Harbour City Council is addressing the needs of the city's senior citzens in its proposed multi-purpose centre for Brelsford Park, but that's where their elation ends.

Kevin and Susan Gibson have lodged a detailed submission to the council on the proposed centre.

They state a number of objections ranging from the close proximity to existing residents, the lack of on-site parking, public transport issues, building design, loss of thoroughfare in Curacoa Street, possible anti-social behaviour and visual impact.

"Not one local resident that we've spoken to supports council's proposal," the Gibsons' submission states.

Curacoa Street residents are not

alone in holding reservations about the proposed centre. The Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce has also submitted a lengthy submission to the council, raising concerns over parking and provisions for elderly residents.

"The outset architectural brief, which we (the Chamber) understand was developed by council officers, flagged parking as an issue requiring consideration as part of the design development process," Chamber president Sonja Wallis said in the submission.

"The plan on display makes no provision for on-site parking, and relies solely on street parking.

"The existing street alignment is essentially retained, which has precluded the opportunity for a covered setdown at or near the entrance, a feature which was considered desirable in the outset brief, given the variation in ages and mobility of potential user groups."

Ms Wallis said the proposed operating hours also appeared to be very restrictive, particularly as it was to be a 'multi-purpose centre'.

A council spokesperson said the $4.245m building would incorporate a main hall as well as a series of smaller, versatile activity or meeting rooms and an outdoor event space to enable flexible use.

It was not meant solely as a senior citizens' centre, but rather a centre open to all members of the community.

"The Chamber's submission will be considered along with all other resident submissions," the spokesperson said.

Submissions closed yesterday and a report will then go before the council for consideration.

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