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TED Boultwood, from 'Aurania', Upper Orara, knows more than the average Joe about rainfall.

For more than 60 years his family has supplied rainfall figures to the Bureau of Meteorology, and if you thought Coffs Harbour had received its fair share recently you could be in for a hot debate.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology the average rainfall for January is 180.3mm.

So far we have outmatched this with a measurement of 206.8mm, the majority of this recorded during the past three days.

According to the duty observer from the Bureau of Meteorology, Roger Brown, the highest rainfall recorded for January was back in 1967 with a whopping 512.6mm.

Further back, in 1921, there was a measurement of 594mm; and the lowest recording was more recent when in 1994 the area measured just 11.8mm.

Mr Brown said the wettest months of February and March are on their way so we should expect more rain, whether we want it or not.

Mr Boultwood is a true believer in history repeating itself and he feels the skies haven't dumped all they've got just yet.

"It usually rains a lot in January so people shouldn't think this is unusual," Mr Boultwood said.

"It will rain, rain and rain. Throughout history these things repeat themselves and it will do the same again."

So how did we fare this week in the rainfall stakes?

From his property in Upper Orara Mr Boultwood measured 36mm in a 24-hour period from 9am yesterday, since Monday he recorded 137.8mm.

Closer to the city, rainfall recordings from Monday to 3pm yesterday were 216mm for Coffs Harbour, with 184mm for Dorrigo; 205mm at Crystal Creek, near Bellingen, and 153mm at Bowraville for the same period.

The forecast for today is for more showers with it turning mainly dry for tomorrow.

But don't get set for a weekend at the beach just yet. The skies are set to open up again on Sunday with isolated showers.

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