Brogden endorses fish licence scheme

NSW Opposition Leader, Mr John Brogden, has endorsed the State Government's fishing licence scheme.

Minister for Primary Industries, Mr Ian Macdonald, welcomed Mr Brogden's comments, which he said reflected positive angler feedback over the past few years:

2GB (Sydney radio) John Brogden in response to a talkback caller on the Chris Smith program:

'. . . I think the fishing licence, after having been around for a couple of years, probably has some benefits, in that it is about restocking rivers'.

"I thank the Opposition for its support of the recreational fishing licence, which has already provided many real benefits for anglers across the State," Mr Macdonald said.

"Fishing licence funds are collected into trusts, which are overseen by anglers and go towards projects that will benefit anglers.

"In 2003-04, more than $6.5 million was allocated from the trust funds for saltwater angler projects and nearly $2.7 million was allocated for freshwater angler projects.

"Licence funds are used to support programs such as fish stocking, Fishcare Volunteers, Fish Attracting Devices, fish habitat restoration and various research projects.

"The vast majority of anglers are now aware of the licence scheme. "During a January education campaign along the eastern fall, more than 93 per cent of people had purchased valid licences."

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