Blues AFL to return


AFTER a year in recess it appears that AFL is set to return to Woolgoolga in 2007.

Tonight the call is going out to anyone who has an interest in getting the most successful club in the history of AFL North Coast back on the paddock.

A meeting is being held at the Woolgoolga Senior Citizens Centre tonight at 7pm to gauge the amount of interest in re-forming the club.

It is envisaged that at tonight's meeting everyone's points of view will be heard on how best to bring the club back to life.

By the meeting's end it is hoped that a steering committee will be formed to get the ball rolling towards next year before a formal club committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting set down for October.

One of the prime movers behind the push to get the club back up and running is Helen Young.

She's determined that the 2007 will see the return of senior AFL to the Northern Beaches area but it's a task that will require help from a lot of people instead of being left to too few.

"If there aren't enough supporters of AFL at this meeting then the future will continue to see Centennial Oval remain silent on a Saturday," she said.

"The tragedy is that we have some talented juniors who will be moving out of the junior ranks at the end of this season and many of those will undoubtedly hang up their boots for good without a senior club."

A long history of success is at stake for the club which can proudly boast that it played in 16 of the first 17 grand finals that the AFL North Coast held.

Nine of those ended up with premiership success.

The next premiership might not happen straight away but the feeling is that if the club doesn't reform, then it can obviously never happen.

Come seven o'clock tonight, many are hoping that a large crowd of passionate AFL people will be present to take the first step back to being the powerhouse club they once were.

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